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Mike Henry to Talk at W&L University

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None of the fans of Family Guy episodes are unaware of the name ‘Mike Henry‘, as this person has played a very crucial role in bringing success to the incredible animated series, Family Guy. So, it won’t be wrong if we call him the soul and spirit of this show. Recently, it has been reported that this big cheese of Family Guy is going to deliver a speech at Washington and Lee University.

We all know that Mike is a versatile personality, as an actor, comedian, voiceover and a producer, but all these qualities of this well-versed persona got an exposure on Family Guy, where he wrote, produced and as well as voice-overed.  There in the show, together with voicing Cleveland Brown and Herbert, he voiced some minor recurring characters as well.

In case you haven’t come across this show and aspire to experience the work of this great persona Mike, you can watch Family Guy episodes at this site with a single click, right here.

And now if we talk about his speech at W&L university, it is said that the title of Mike’s talk will be free and open to the public, which is “Mike Henry ’88: From Lexington to Quahog.” The event is being sponsored by a student group Contact which brings speakers to Washington and Lee University.

The mission of this group Contact is to bring prominent speakers to W&L events, which are educational and entertaining. And, Mike’s speech during this event is a part of Contact’s Television and Society Speaker Series.

Mike Henry, who has recently joined hands with Seth MacFarlane for the spin-off of Family Guy, entitled “The Cleveland Show”, will deliver his speech at W&L in Stackhouse Theater, Elrod Commons.

It’s said that when Seth and Mike came into contact of each other in 1995, Mike was acting in his brother’s student films at the Rhode Island School of Design. At that time, Mike was a writer for the 1st season of Family Guy. As an actor, Mike has proved his acting abilities in Scrubs,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Yes dear,” “American Dad” and “Robot Chicken.”

Well, you can catch Mike at W&L event next month. But if you want to watch Family Guy, the incredible work of Mike, you must click here.

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