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Family Guy Season 9 ends paving way for Season 10

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It’s always fun watching Family Guy episodes as animated characters do wonders on the show. But for the time being fans of the series have to wait as Family Guy Season 9 episodes came to an end when season finale episode was aired on 22nd May 2011. But no need to worry as soon Griffin family will be back with new episodes of Family Guy Season 10 and that too in this fall. Fans will not only get to see Season 10 but Family Guy series has been renewed for Season 11 also.

But before you jump on to new season here is a quick recap of the Family Guy Season 9 finale episode which was titled “It’s a Trap”. This one hour episode was an interpretation of Star Wars episode VI: Return of Jedi. In this we saw lots of action and adventure. Stewie Griifin was Darth Vader in this episode, Roger from American dad was Moff Jerjerrod, Carter Pewterschmidt was emperor, Cleveland Brown was R2D2, Glenn Quagire was C-3PO, Joe Swanson was evil Jabba, Peter Griffin was Han Solo, Chris Griffin was Luke Skywalker, Lois Griffin was Princess Leia, Brian Griffin was Chewie and Meg Griffin was Sarlacc who was going to eat Luke and his friends. In this we saw Death Star being constructed and Vader and Moff doing so on orders of Emperor.

The interesting part of the Family Guy Season 9 finale episode was when Luke, C-3PO, R2D2 and Princess Leia come to rescue Han Solo from the captivity of Jabba but they themselves get captured by him. Finally they all are rescued by cleverness of the princess and all of them flee using fellow rebel commander ship.

Luke gets trained from Yoda to face Vader. The entire team Luke, Han, Princess Leia and all go on the mission to destroy Death Star and for that they have to destroy shield generator on forest moon of Endor. And after a long war with emperor and the Imperial soldiers the rebels win the battle with the help of Vader.

With this Family Guy Season 9 comes to an end. To view this episode watch “Family Guy” online.