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Family Guy Season 10 Premiere Episode Recap

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Hilarious and enjoyable Family Guy episodes are back for another season. On 25th September, Sunday wait of all those who were eagerly waiting for the series and its characters to return was over. It was a great episode showing the Griffin family’s fate getting changed but not for long. Read on the article to know more

Family Guy Season 10 Premiere Episode started off with Griffin family making cuts in their expenses. And after seeing in TV Peter goes and buys thousands of lottery tickets to try his luck. Surprisingly their luck works and they win a fortune which turns them rich.

Next in Premiere Episode of Family Guy Season 10 we saw Peter changing after getting rich. He invests money in his friend Quagmire’s project but in return bosses them, treating them badly. This leads to Peter losing his dear friends, on this his wife Lois warns him but he woos her also by gifting her an expensive diamond. Peter was really mean towards his friends, something viewers never expected from him.

Soon we see that Griffin family has finished all its money and they are back to the same state as they started. After this Peter realizes his mistake and goes to his friends to ask forgiveness. His friends not only forgive him but also give him his money that he had given for investment. The Family Guy Season 10 Premiere episode teaches that friendship is more important than money.

Those who missed this episode can watch “Family Guy” online.