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Family Guy Season 10 Episode 2 “Seahorse Seashell Party” Recap

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Its second week since the Family Guy episodes have made a return with all new season. And this week’s episode was not as funny as fans had expected and it had trio crossover with American Dad and The Cleveland Show also. So read on to know each and every details of the episode.

There is not much action happening in this week’s Family Guy Season 10 Episode 2 as mainly two storylines were focused. The episode was started off with a hurricane coming to Quahog and after preparing for it, Griffin family is trying to pass their time. But instead of passing time the situation turned into two not so entertaining situations.

First we got to see in Family Guy Season 10 Episode 2 that Stewie and Brian have mushrooms for their entertainment. But Brian eats some of them taking him to a different world in his hallucination state. In this state he sees several monsters and bites his own ear but Stewie is there for his care. This part was not that interesting but I think it could be made much better.

Secondly we got to see in Family Guy Season 10 Episode 2 that Meg finally stands for herself and makes his parents and brother realize that how they have been behaving with her since long. And her talks did have an effect on them making her parents cry. But that’s not what we expect from Family Guy episodes so Meg goes to all of them and makes them feel okay and once again all of them are back to their normal selves.

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