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Family Guy faced a negative blow!

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Hello fans!

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Well, you must have heard of the fact that there are always two aspects of each thing like, there is always a bright day after a dark night, there is always good after a series of bad things, and so on.


You must be wondering why I’m talking philosophically. Isn’t it?

Well, with today’s buzz I’m here to let you know about the flip side of your favorite show Family Guy. The buzz is that this fantastic show has also faced some criticisms. But I suppose criticism is the part and parcel of everything.

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All right!

It’s high time to update you with the criticism and the negative blows faced by this incredible show. The show has faced criticism on the grounds that it portrayed animated nudity and violence. The show was tagged indecent, and it also received criticism from various institutions for mockery on serious subjects like AIDS, Down’s syndrome and religious backgrounds.


Well, as I mentioned earlier, criticism is the part and parcel of anything and everything. Yet, it depends how criticism is handled. As per me, criticism is the best tool which constantly helps to improve. The best part about this show is that it took its criticism in a healthy way and corrected it. If you desire to scrutinize the goodness of the show after facing criticism, I would recommend you to catch the latest season and experience it right in front of your eyes.


I’m sure despite of the criticism; the credibility of this show can’t be challenged. Well, if you also think the same way, grab Family Guy online on this entertainment portal and make most of it.

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