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Watch Family Guy TV Show

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Family Guy TV Show , an animated series, is based on the misadventures of Griffin family based in Rhode Island. Heading up this household is Peter Griffin.

Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin have three kids; Stewie the homicidal baby who makes innumerous attempts to extirpate his mom & dad and his siblings; Chris the son; Meg, the hopeless and geeky daughter. And there is another one member in this less than normal family- a talking dog, Brian, who is smarter than everyone in the family and keeps Stewie in check while sorting through his own life problems. Peter Griffin makes his life decisions based on what he watches on TV and often tries to do what’s best for his family.

But he makes mistakes that are the stuff of fables. The show was cancelled in 2002 but the series was added back to FOX Summer 2005 lineup. A DVD movie was also released in 2005. Now, Family guy is returning its series.

Watch Family Guy TV Show

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