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Microsoft Canceled Windows 7 Family Guy Special.

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According to CNET News, All Things Digital and many others; Microsoft has cancelled the Windows 7 Family Guy Special (Infomercial).

In a statement, a Microsoft representative said the show–a variety show to be done by Alex Borstein and Seth MacFarlane–was not “a fit with the Windows brand.” Microsoft had hoped to use the show to tout its just-released Windows 7 operating system.

Seriously, what is Microsoft worrying about?

So far, the Windows 7 Family Guy snipets have been universally deemed as unfunny by viewers. All the available clips are nothing but re-dubbed Family Guy scenes with horrible lip-sync. There are nothing funny in the dialogues.

Maybe Microsoft just found out that Seth McFarlane is a hardcore Mac user.

Actually Microsoft said that they finally saw an episode of Family Guy and were horrified with the off-the-wall jokes in the series. Seriously, no one in Microsoft ever heard or watched Family Guy? I don’t believe that. Seth took no prisoners. I wonder if he get to keep the money he took.

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