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Family Guy Season 8 Episode 11 Dial Meg for Murder – Recap

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When the rodeo comes to town, Peter begins training for the bull riding and enters as Peter the Kid.  Peter ends up get tossed by the bull and umm… raped.  Yeah.  Meanwhile, Brian meets an editor who gives him a job to write about the plight of the teenage girl for Teen Vogue.  After following Meg around, he discovers she’s been secretly dating a prison inmate, Luke (Chace Crawford) who she met through a school pen pal mission.  When Luke breaks free and stays in the Griffin household, they family discovers him and calls over Joe.  Joe arrests Luke… and Meg for harboring a fugitive.

When Meg gets out of jail, she comes out an hardened thug who terorrizes the whole family, including umm… raping Peter in the shower.  Eventually Brian calms Meg down by showing that someone did care about Meg when he shows her his piece in Teen Vogue.  Aww.  Adorable and only three teenagers had to have their skulls cracked in, one baby punched, and one grown man analy raped multiple times.  That’s a happy ending.

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