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Family Guy : Brian and Stewie To Meet Santa!

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I am really enjoying the ongoing season of Family Guy; every episode of it presents an electrifying storyline to the viewers.

Have you seen the last episode of the show, it was truly amazing. After catching that, I just burst into laughter and now I am keen to download Family Guy season 9 episode 7, after it is released officially.

This upcoming episode of Family Guy series is entitled, ‘Road to the North Pole’ and has been directed by Danny Smith and written by Greg Colton. In the episode, Stewie seems to be really excited as after his cute teddy bear, Rupert the only think he loves is Christmas.

Well, who doesn’t love Christmas? I truly enjoy the festival!

And if you also love the festival and wanna know how Family Guy has celebrated it, then catch Family Guy S09E07 “Road to the North Pole”, after it airs officially.

Further, when Stewie hears that Santa is going to make an appearance in the mall, he became excited to meet him. However, his motive behind meeting Santa is not only to see him; Stewie meets him so that he can tell Santa in person, what he wants for Christmas.

How Sweet!

Well, I wish I could do the same, and tell Santa what all I want, this Christmas. I guess, to know what Stewie wants from Santa, we need to watch Family Guy season 9 episode 7 online.

Why online? Because, I don’t think, you want commercials interrupting your viewing experience, do you? I don’t think so.

Moving on, when Stewie finds that Brian is going to the mall, he begs to be taken along, so that he could easily meet Santa. Brian agrees to take him along only to get rebuffed from Santa. As a result, Brian and Stewie go to the North Pole to find Santa and teach him a lesson in holiday cheer!

Well, Brian and Stewie travel to meet Santa; I hope Santa does not get scared? Lol!

The episode sounds really thrilling and adventurous; I will definitely catch Family Guy season 9 full episodes, and enjoy the sweet comedy. So, till the next time, have a good one!