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'Family Guy' Actress With Down Syndrome Diffuses Sarah Palin's Latest TV Outrage

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Sarah Palin, a media gadfly who seems to have found more things to be offended about on television than the Parents Television Council, seems to pop up every time there is a joke about her and her family.

This time, Ellen, a character with Down syndrome voiced by actress Andrea Fay Friedman who also has Down syndrome, goes on a date with Chris and says that her mother is “the former Governor of Alaska.” This sent the Palin family into an anger spiral that prompted her to trash the show and characterize it as an attack on her young son Trig, who also has Down syndrome, and everyone suffering from mental illness.

However, what Palin and the rest of the outraged among us fail to realize is that they suffer from a far greater disability: a lack of a sense of humor.

Palin wedged her way back into the spotlight and sucked one more ounce of attention away from us at the expense of her own humility and reputation, the same way she did with David Letterman’s “Jokegate”. Thousands of jokes have been made about her and her family in the mainstream spotlight and never has she paid any attention to them until now.

And the sad part is, it’s working. She got us all talking about her once again where she’s the victim and the rest of the media universe is just one big soul sucking monster out to damage her precious little head by making fun of her ridiculous moments in the spotlight. She’s even going on the opening week of Jay Leno’s ‘Tonight Show.’ Is she going to call him out for all the jokes he has made at her expense?

It’s as if she just got around to catching up on the shows she missed on her TiVo from the campaign and realized she’s been the butt of some satirical humor for quite some time. Too bad TiVo doesn’t come with an optional “humor explainer.” It’s a good thing, too, because it could rack up quite a bill during Seth MacFarlane’s shows.

If she truly wanted to address the knock ‘Family Guy’ made at people with mental disabilities like she and her family claimed they were oh so nobly doing by calling out the reference, she could have addressed the jokes that didn’t involve her and her family.

The episode had a five-minute musical number titled “Down Syndrome Girl” that featured fleeting references to people with mental disabilities as drooling, disheveled people who require more supervision than Nadya and the octuplets. Even then, the portrayal of the character actually felt very genuine, heartfelt and real and this is coming from someone who would rather watch a dog autopsy than watch ‘Family Guy’.

And after all, the woman who played the character said she could see the humor in it.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy sick humor, but Sarah could have found far more to be insulted about than just one joke about her and her brood to boost her phony argument. Humor falls in the eye of the beholder. Like I said, I’m not a big ‘Family Guy’ fan and to be honest, I’m not even really sure what the joke was trying to accomplish other than just referencing the Fox News talking head. That doesn’t matter. It was just that: a joke.

You know, just like the ones that Rush Limbaugh uses on his daily cavalcade of satire.

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